Frères Cherblanc

Fresh & innovative culinary solutions

About us
Atria is a family business based in the heart of the "Monts du Lyonnais".
For 15 years we have been creating innovative and varied product ranges using recipes that preserve the full flavour of their ingredients.

Drawing on its wealth of expertise, Atria anticipates new trends
in the food sector with fresh, unique culinary solutions.

A range of family recipes for the general public is available

under the brand name of The Cherblanc Brothers.






Our standards

Each recipe is developed from exclusive technology. Each product
is created with a strong emphasis on the primary ingredients,
in a production facility with very high quality and safety standards.

The world changes, but passion for good food stays the same.
Guaranteed success for traditional recipes,

with a genuine home-made taste.

Atria, The Cherblanc Brothers,

                                means a return to authenticity.