Frères Cherblanc

Fresh sauces,

a gourmet touch for all your desserts.

For special occasions or every day,

the Cherblanc Brothers' sauces are perfect for enhancing

all your desserts in no time at all:

Tarts, Cakes, Ice Cream, Soft Cheese, Yoghurt,
Brioche, Pancakes, Waffles, Fruit Cups, etc.

The Cherblanc Brothers' dessert sauces are a range of family recipes, with genuine flavours and an authentic taste,

and naturally surprising. They are guaranteed to be

free of artificial colours, preservatives and artificial flavours.







The Cherblanc Brothers' dessert sauces come in a jar that is
practical, economical, clever and attractive.

Thanks to a no-drip rim, the jar is easy to pour and mess-free.

The jars are transparent, allowing the colour of each flavour to be fully appreciated. The clean, elegant design means the jar can even be brought to the table at dessert time!

Apricot & Mango / Chocolate / Raspberry & Redcurrant